WorldPay – A popular payment for casinos and its players

On a global scale, WorldPay provides online casino players with a safe way to fund their accounts. Available in 40 countries, it accepts 12 different currencies. There are also 200 types of payments to choose from when using this service. With US, European and global divisions, WorldPay is available to online casino players almost everywhere. It was one of the original payment processing options for online casinos.

Though the company offers many services, it is best known as an online casino payment option. It established in 1989. It began working as an online casino payment provider when they joined forces with 888 Casino. Since 1994 it has provided online transactions for more casino games than any other company has in history.

players are flocking to it as their preferred method of payment as well

Multiple Awards

WorldPay has won multiple awards for its services. This includes the Enterprise award, the Touche Fast50, the Deloitte and Initiative of the Year, courtesy of Card Awards Best Technology.

Many online casinos use WorldPay for their players’ transaction needs. The biggest online casinos that use it are Prospect Hall, Titan Bet and Spin and Win Casino. In addition, and many others not only accept, but encourage their players to use this provider. It is among the preferred methods of many new online casinos because it is reliable, trustworthy and has an excellent reputation. Live casinos and online sportsbooks also back WorldPay, as do mobile casinos.

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Big affiliate programs use it

Those who participate in casino affiliate programs can also use WorldPay. This includes Betsson, Unibet and many other casinos. Online affiliate programs use it to ensure that their members get the money they have earned. This is one more reason why the service is so popular. The service is so well liked and trusted that Global Poker stopped using PayPal in favour of using WorldPay instead. The reason for this is that it offers so many different payment options that it was a better choice for players. It was something they demanded of the casino. And they happily switched to the preferred payment choice of many.

WorldPays payment service does an estimated $1.5 trillion in payment volume every year. This speaks to what a worldwide phenomenon it has become. So many online and mobile casinos endorse it that players are flocking to it as their preferred method of payment as well.

Having grown since it was first launched, WorldPay is now a trusted payment method that is safe and secure to use. The convenience of being able to use it practically anywhere has made it extremely valuable to the online casino industry.

WorldPay – Most likely a bright future

worldpay paymentIt is particularly popular in the Philippines, as it can be used for much more than just online gambling. This shows the big value this service has around the world. As one of the world’s top payment options, WorldPay has already helped countless players get the most out of their online gambling experience.

It likely has a bright future ahead of it as it continues to be chosen by online casinos. WorldPay is something that will continue to change online gambling in so many ways.