Revolut – A digital payment alternative for the future!

One of the newest options for U.S. based online gamblers, in terms of payment providers, is Revolut. Players can currently sign up for early access to a mobile app that facilitates online casino payments. The service will specialize in both money transfers and cryptocurrency transactions. The money transfers allow players to deposit online casino winnings into their bank account at the click of a button.

easy for players to set a gambling budget

Those who use Bitcoins and other types of cryptocurrency for their online gambling activities can purchase and exchange them, using Revolut. This allows them to take traditional currency, convert it to Bitcoins and then deposit them into their casino account. When players use this service to purchase their Bitcoins they don’t have to pay deposit or subscription fees. The exchange rate for Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies always remains transparent. This reassures players that they won’t get ripped off when using the service. In all, players can convert money to one of 25 different currencies.

Exchange rates are always updated in real time, so players have all the information at their fingertips that they need. They can even use the currency converter that Revolut offers, so they can see exactly how much they will get for their money.

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Keep track of cryptocurrency

Players can also use Revolut to keep track of their cryptocurrencies at any given time. They can even set a price alert that will send them a message any time that their cryptocurrency reaches the value they want it to.

One of the reasons that players are encouraged to use this service is that they can obtain a disposal digital card. It helps protect players from fraud because it assigns them a unique card number each time they make a deposit into their casino account.

Another benefit to using a Revolut account is that it does not allow players to deposit more into their casino account than they have available. The service makes it easy for players to set a gambling budget and stick to it.

Players can use their Revolut accounts to gamble at online casinos and sportsbooks such as Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting and Bookmaker. They can also use them for online Poker sites such as Ignition Casino.

Using a Revolut account is as easy as downloading the app and creating a user profile. Then, all players have to do is transfer money from their bank account to Revolut. And, after that, use it to make deposits at their favourite online casinos. Going forward, players can either request a bank transfer or use their debit card to fund their account.

Summary of Revolut Banking

With all of the security measures put in place by Revolut it is easy to see why players trust it so much. It is changing the way they enjoy their favourite online and mobile casinos. Real money play is always safe when this service is used. Players around the world have already come to realize how valuable it is to them.

Though there are many other payment options available for online casino players, many feel that Revolut is the best.

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