BetDigital – The future of developers for online casino slots!

In 2019 online game providers like BetDigital are thriving. This company represents the future of gambling, both online and offline. Since 2011 the company has been in the business of casino gaming.

they designed the System X interface

Digital Slots from BetDigital

BetDigital provides online casinos with selected slot titles. These include classics such as Fantastic Fruits and volatile slots such as Royal Gems. This game provider is also the name behind Super Pots Bar-X, a game that has an impressive five progressive jackpots. The company is also known for its Big Money Bingo, mainly for its three integrated bonus rounds.

The games BetDigital releases are compatible with desktop computers, as well as tablets and smartphones. But the company didn’t stop there; they produce games that can be played on smart TVs. By doing so, they make it easy for new casino sites to target more players. Many prefer seeing their favourite games on a TV screen as opposed to a computer or mobile device screen.

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A New System

As a modern game provider, BetDigital understands the need to diversify. Because of this, they designed the System X interface. This made it possible for one game using one interface to be played on almost any device. The creation of this interface made it easier and cheaper to design new casino games. It also allows for easy upgrades and makes online gaming platforms much more stable. When this system was launched, other gaming developers took notice. Mainly online game providers that were looking to expand offline partnered with BetDigital.

Not stopping there, the company created a system of frameworks called Game Rapid Integration and Development System. This means that games can be integrated into new platforms in no more than a few weeks. Online casinos can acquire new games and have them on their site as soon as the next day.

Final Thoughts

BetDigital has done a lot to further the success of online casinos. They are taking steps to make online gaming as easy for players to access as possible.

As they continue to forge ahead, they will probably stay on the cutting edge of the gambling industry.

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