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 – Review of the Game Developer

There are dozens, if not hundreds of online slot developers. All of them add their distinctive touch to the online slot formula. You see, online slots are getting increasingly more complicated. But at the same time, they maintain their simplicity. After all, they are known to be among the simplest gambling games that are available. So, companies strive to create unique slot games that will attract the attention of the players. To that end, one of these companies goes by the name of Barcrest. You can read more about what it has to offer below.

Barcrest has decided to create online gambling games, too

Method of operation of Barcrest

Many of you will know Barcrest to be a legitimate entry in the field of regular slot games creation. This company is a staple in many casinos all over the world. And their games are available all throughout these casinos. Their primary goal is to create great slots for land-based casinos.

However, as the market advances, new possibilities for growth come out. And one of the biggest opportunities is, of course, given by the internet. To that end, Barcrest has decided to create online gambling games, too. But their primary focus is even now placed in land-based casino slots.

They have made a dozen or so games for online casinos. This is a good thing in the sense that you can play your favourite Barcrest games online. Be sure to visit one of the new casino sites that feature them and have a go.

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The Barcrest Games

Some of the most popular games that Barcrest has put out were the name Rainbow Riches. There are many games that wear this name. All of them have their unique quirks and styles. But the base is pretty much always the same. The Rainbow Riches games always have a leprechaun at play and bouncy Irish music. The goal is, of course, to get the treasure. And you get the treasure by playing the slot and investing money into it.

Now, we can’t really say that the Barcrest games are top-notch. They are, in fact, far from it. We’re talking here about the online slot versions of their best games. They don’t add many special features and the visuals aren’t outstanding either. This is in direct contrast with the games made by companies like NetEnt and Microgaming. However, we still feel that they offer gameplay value. You’re still likely to have fun playing them.

In conclusion

Now you know the basics about the Barcrest iGaming company. To that end, we hope that you will try some of their products out. You can play the games in the regular casinos or in the online casinos. We still suggest that you try it both ways and see if you like what Barcrest has to offer.

We’re confident that you will. In all cases, Barcrest is now a part of Scientific Games. We can only hope that they will begin putting out more games of higher quality. And we hope that many players will get attracted to playing these Barcrest games.

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