Casino Game: Pai Gow

Pai Gow is one of the more popular poker variants that are frequently played in both old and new casinos. As such, it has its own set of distinctive rules. The good part about his game is that it’s very easy to learn it. There aren’t many things to keep in your mind while playing it. This game was originally created by an American casino owner. He failed to patent it and now it’s one of the most popular casino games. That being said, you can read more about the rules of this game below.

There’s the chance to get the joker

Rules of Pai Gow

All the players start the round off by placing their bets. There will typically be limits for the lowest and highest bets that you can make. And this is the only betting round in the game. The sole exception is that there are some casinos that will take bonus bets. These are bets you can place on getting a premium hand in the game. What’s considered a “premium hand” are winning combinations higher than three of a kind. Here’s an advice: never bet on getting the bonus. The house edge for this bet is very big and you’re guaranteed to lose money in the long run.

The players are then dealt 7 cards each. Five of them will form one group of cards – and two the other. In order to win the round, you need to have both your groups of cards higher up than the dealer’s. This is not a game where you get to compete against the other players. In Pai Gow, you compete against the house.

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So, once you get the 7 cards, it’s your job to create the two hands. And this is where the thinking part of the game comes into play. In all cases – it’s not very cognitively demanding to play this game. It’s great if you wish to relax for a while and perhaps win some money.

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There’s the chance to get the joker in Pai Gow – it’s a card that’s involved in the game. It can take any other card’s place in order to complete a straight or a flush. Barring these two cases – the joker will always be considered an ace.


Pai Gow volatility

This is a pretty stable game, as far as gambling games go. There are three outcome events that you can reach with your cards. You can either win the round, lose the round, or get to what’s known as a push. If both of your hands are weaker than the dealers’, then you lose the round. If both your hands are stronger than the dealers’ – then you win the round.

However, if only one of your hands is stronger than the dealer’s – it’s a push, or a draw. As you may imagine, this means that there will be a lot of pushes. You can play for a long time without losing or winning anything.

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Our conclusion of Pai Gow

Pai Gow can be a great game to play if you want to play something simple. It can still be fun and exciting and can bring you a nice sum of side-money.

Nicholas Cross