Top Slots for Football Fans

Partially thanks to the World Cup, many players are flocking to sports-related slot machine games. Watching the World Cup on TV simply isn’t enough for many casino fans. Most die- hard sports fans would never dream of watching but not participating in their favourite game. That being said, since close to half the entire world watched the 2018 World Cup, sports themed slots are more popular than they ever have been before.

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Football Champions Cup

One of the most interactive games based on a sport is Football Champions Cup by game developer NetEnt. It contains exciting bonus elements other sports slots don’t offer. Penal Shooting is the bonus game that allows players to take their experience to the next level. When the bonus round is activated, players are treated to a two part mini game.

The first part of it requires them to choose a position from four possible choices. The second part of the game turns players into goalkeepers. Players that save the goal get a cash prize with a multiplier. As the player’s team scores goals against the opposing team, bonus badges are activated. This continues until either the player’s team or the opposing team wins the game.

football champions cup

Top Trumps Football Legends

One of those games is Top Trumps Football Legends by Playtech. Since it refers to European football, to players in the Top Trumps Football Legends is about soccer. When the game launches, players see the reels in the middle of the screen. To the right and left of the reels players will see numbers. Each number represents one of the game’s pay lines. By clicking on certain numbers, players activate the pay line associated with it. Once the game has started players will see that the reels are filled with symbols representing the sport’s stars. This includes Johan Cruyff, Bobby Charlton, Michel Platini and Alfredo Di Stefano.

Aside from the sports stars in the game, fans also love it because of its realistic sound effects. Every time the reels stop spinning players will hear the sound of a soccer ball in action and then they will hear the roar of the crowd, making it as exhilarating as watching a soccer game on TV or in person at the stadium.

top trump football slot

Soccer Safari

Another sports themed slot machine that players can’t get enough of is Soccer Safari by Microgaming. In 2010 the game was released to promote the World Cup being held in South Africa. The game beautifully combines soccer action with wildlife by having animals not only play the game, but also commentate it. Teams consist of hogs, buffalos, rhinos and even jackals.

A cheetah acts as the goalie and a zebra serves as the game’s official. Hyenas make up the spectators and antelopes act as the teams’ cheerleaders.

soccer safari

A short sum-up

These three sports themed slot machines are some of the most popular at online casinos all over the world. They attract players who are sports fans but may not be interested in slot machine games otherwise. As a result, these sports themed slots games are entertaining new players from all over the world.

Nicholas Cross