Best Songs to Listen to when you Gamble

Some people enjoy their passion of gambling solo. They really don’t enjoy having a lot of company and prefer to keep things quiet. But most people would really enjoy listening to some music when they gamble. To that end, you can read‘s list on some of the best songs you can hear while gambling:

Lemmy loved playing the slots.

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Viva Las Vegas by Elvis Presley

The king of rock made a song about the gambling city of Las Vegas. It turned out to be one of his best songs. Very few people haven’t actually heard this song and you will find that it’s frequently played in many casinos.

The Gambler by Kenny Rogers

This song is pretty unique. Aside from the fact that it sounds great and that it’s catchy – there is something deeper that it offers. It offers sound, time-tested life advice through the metaphor of gambling.

In the song, an out of luck poker player talks to a wise person that gives him poker advice. Only – it’s not really specific advice about poker, but general life advice. It’s truly a classic song.

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Ace of Spades by Motorhead

This is arguably the most popular of all songs of Motorhead. What’s surprising to learn is that the lead vocalist, Lemmy, didn’t even care much for poker. Lemmy loved playing the slots. But he didn’t really know how to implement lyrics about a slot game into a good song. So he decided to write lyrics for the game of poker. Out of this came the hard-hitting timeless classic that is the Ace of Spades.

Best Songs to Listen to when you Gamble – Summary

There are many songs that work out the gambling life. Some of them are good, others aren’t. If you peel your eyes you will be able to find some truly outstanding songs that will make your gambling experience that much more enjoyable.

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