Backgammon is one of the most popular board games in existence. In fact, its origins can be traced back to several thousand years before Christ. That being said, it goes to show how popular this game is. The fact that it has “survived” for a few millennia bears proof of how good and fun it is. That being said, this article is the place that you will need to visit for more information. You will learn more about the history of the game of backgammon and of its rules. So, we hope that you will have fun reading this article on backgammon.

The first player that removes all of the checkers will win the game

Rules of the game

Bear with us, because the rules of Backgammon can be a bit complicated. Many people give up once they fail to understand the rules. The fact of the matter is that you’ll need to play a few games of backgammon before you understand. Also, it’s important not to give up before you learn the rules. Once you do so, you will understand that this is a very deep, complex game that anyone could enjoy.

That being said, the setup is the following. There is a backgammon board with 24 elongated triangles in it. There are two opposing players in any game. Both the players have a set of checkers, 15 each. The main objective of the game is for you to bear off and move all of your checkers out of the board. And this is the gist of the game.

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In order to move your checkers, you will use two dice. You throw the dice and then move your checkers based on what you’ve thrown. The setup is as following: 2 checkers are placed at the 24th point for each player. Three checkers are placed on the eight point. Five checkers are placed on the thirteenth and the six point. The points from 1-6 are called the home board, or the inner board. The points from 7-12 are called outer board. The seventh point is the bar point and the 13 point is the mid-point.

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Moving the checkers

Again, in order to move the checkers, you need to throw the dice. You will need to move the checkers based on what you’ve thrown. The player that throws the higher sum initially takes the lead and gets to move first. And it’s simple after this – you move your checkers based on the numbers you get on the dice.

If you happen to throw a 5 and a 3, then you will need to move one piece five points forward. You will also need to move the same piece again or to move another piece for 3 points. And it’s as simple as that. Then your opponent takes the dice and throws them. And so on and so forth.

But to be fair, there are many intricacies in this game. For one, there’s the possibility to be blocked by the enemy’s checkers. If the enemy has more than one checker at a particular point, then you won’t be able to move to it. It’s blocked. But if there is only one enemy checker on the particular point, you will be able to move to it. You will capture the checker and place it in the middle of the board. Then your opponent will have to reinclude the captured checker into the game before moving any other checker on the board.

Finally, once all your checkers are on the home board, you will be able to begin extracting them. If you get a one on the die, then you will be able to remove a checker from the first point. If you hit a 2, then you will be able to remove a checker from the second point. And so on. The first player that removes all of the checkers will win the game.

Cheating in backgammon

Backgammon is a game where cheating is a real possibility that you should look out for. The most frequently used way to cheat is to use loaded dice. The reason for this is that the element of luck in the result of the dice throw is very important. If you could influence the way the dice come up – you will be able to win the game a lot easier. The solution to this is to use non-loaded dice and throw them from a cup. This would also prevent you from throwing the dice in a way you would like them to come up.

One additional form of backgammon cheating is online cheating with the help of backgammon engines. You see, the game of backgammon has attracted considerable interest from the scientific world. Engines were created that are able to beat some of the best backgammon players in the world. It may be very useful for you to use these engines for online play. The way this is solved is that most online backgammon websites use protection against this form of cheating. They use software that identifies moves that a backgammon engine would use. The player that plays in this way will get banned. And this makes online cheating at backgammon very difficult to do.

History of backgammon

The game of backgammon has a rich and old history. Archaeological excavations have shown that a version of this game was played in ancient Mesopotamia, Persia, Armenia, Egypt, the Ottoman Empire, and the Roman and Byzantine Empire as well. During this rich history, the game developed its ruleset to the game of Backgammon as we know it today.

In conclusion

By all means, backgammon is not the simplest and easiest game to pick up and play. You’ll need time in order to build up the skill you need in order to beat your opponents consistently. But if you pick it up, then it can prove to be one of the most rewarding experiences. The game of Backgammon is a fascinating combination of luck and skill. In this sense, it’s very much like the game of poker. We hope that you will enjoy playing backgammon with some of your friends.

Nicholas Cross