The different Versions of Roulette – A Guide

The game of roulette is definitely one of the biggest names in the world of gambling. It’s very popular among people of all walks of life. And it’s played all over the world. The core rules of this game are similar no matter where you go. There is a number of field son a rotating reel and a ball. Wherever the ball lands, it’s a winner. It’s a simple premise but it continues to capture people’s imaginations to this very day. That being said, there are many different popular versions of roulette. The most popular ones are European, American, and French. You can read more about them below.

American Roulette

different versions of rouletteOf all the three versions, you should keep away from this version the most. The reason for this is that it has the biggest house edge of the three. And the reason for this is that it has double zeros. This alone helps the house edge rise to 5.26%. This turns the game into one of the worst games that you can play in terms of house edge. In all other areas – this game is identical to the counterparts.

European Roulette

The good thing about European Roulette is that it only features one zero. This dramatically drops the house edge to a manageable level. Now, the edge is 2.7%. It’s recommended that you always pick this version over the American counterpart. The fact is that you stand to lose less money in the long run by playing this version.

French Roulette

Finally, we’ve come to the best of three. This is the French roulette version. The reason why it’s best is that it features the best odds for even chance bets. So, if you happen to bet on red and black wins, then you get half your bet back. It’s simple. Put 3 EUR on black – if black loses and red wins, then you will get 1.5 EUR back. Of course, it’s not the full value of the bet. However, it’s a nice consolation for the fact that you have lost your bet. This roulette version is difficult to find except in France. The fact is that casinos want to always have a big house edge. This game is not something that helps them with this. However, if you do manage to find a game of French roulette, we advise you to play it over the others. The names of various fields are in French and there is a slightly different layout. However, the core of the game is identical in all the three games.

In conclusion

Now you’re armed with the knowledge about how to find the best game of roulette. We hope that you will enjoy yourself with it and that you will play whatever version suits you the best. Have fun and play safe! Read more about games such as poker and more in our guides. Thanks for reading.

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