There are dozens, if not hundreds of different gambling games that you can play. There’s slots, baccarat, craps, poker and many others. But if you ask most people about, they would say that the king of all gambling games is roulette. This game continues to capture the imagination of many people around the world. As such, it’s one of the most popular gambling games in existence to date. If you wish to learn more about this game, then we suggest you read the rest of this article, made by

The rules of roulette

Roulette is a notorious game. The sad fact is that it’s so popular, that even little children can tell you all about the rules. That being said, this is a very simple game that anyone could understand. It will take you only a few minutes before you learn what this game is all about.

What you need to do first is see the design of the roulette table. You will see that there are numbers from 0 to 36. The European roulette differs from the American in the sense that it has a single zero. The American roulette, in turn, has double zeros. The numbers are of red and black colors. The zeroes are typically green – but this bears no influence in the game.

It will take you only a few minutes before you learn what roulette is all about

Your goal is to bet on whatever number you want and hope that you will win. There is a spinning roulette wheel at the side of the table. The croupier will throw a metallic ball on it after all bets are placed. The number where the ball falls is the winning number. It pays off at 36 to 1.

And it’s as simple as that – you now know the basic rules of playing roulette.

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Additional bets you can make

To be fair, you don’t have to bet on single numbers. Roulette is known for the variety it offers to players. For an example, you will be able to bet on red or black. This will give you an almost 50% chance to win the bet. You can bet on even or odd numbers for the same odds. You can bet on the numbers from 1 to 18 and on the numbers from 19 to 36.

But you can also bet on a third of the roulette table. You can bet from 1 to 12 or from 13 to 24 or from 25 to 36. There are also many ways in which you can place bets on the numbers. There are street bets, corner bets, split bets, trio bets, etc. You’ll get to learn more about them by actually playing the game.

Winning at roulette

So, is there a way in which you can beat the system? There is a legend in which the original creator of roulette ended taking his own life. He allegedly did this because he could find no way to beat the system. And you should keep this story in mind whenever you think of beating the game of roulette.

Up until now, there isn’t a single method for winning the game that hasn’t been discredited. There are many proponents of the so-called Martingale strategy. And to be fair, this strategy works out in theory. But it’s different in practice. The Martingale strategy states that you should bet on red or black and double your bets when you lose. So, if your first bet is 1 dollar and you lose, then your second bet should be 2 dollars. Then it should be 4 dollars, then 8 dollars. And so on.

But is it that easy?

But do you see where this strategy begins to fail? This is the fallacy of the progression. After a not that big a losing streak, you will need to place huge bets just to cover your losses. And if you had infinite money and the casino had no limits on the bets, you would win. But nobody has infinite money and most casinos have limits on the bets. So, if you win at Martingale, you will get the value of your original bet. But if you lose – you will lose a huge amount of money. And this makes the Martingale strategy fail the test.

In reality, roulette is a game where you can only hope to win. And this game doesn’t feature great odds for the players either. The casino has a pretty big edge in American roulette of 5.24%. In European roulette, the edge is 2.70. There are many other games like blackjack and baccarat where you can play with a lot better odds.

Playing roulette for the first time

rouletteDespite the fact that the odds of winning are relatively low, it still attracts many players. This doesn’t mean that you can’t win at roulette. You just need to make sure to leave the table early while you’re winning. With every consecutive bet that you make, the casino’s high edge will pick away at your bankroll.

If it’s your first time at the roulette table, then you should take things easy. You can just sit back and watch other people play. Most casinos allow this. See what they are doing and on what numbers they’re betting. And when you feel ready, you should give it a try. Take a small sum of money with you and spend in on roulette. If you win – that’s great. But if you lose, then at least you have had fun with it.

Just don’t make the mistake that you can beat the system at roulette. Many people made this mistake and they ended up losing all their money. Make sure to gamble responsibly. Roulette can be highly addictive.

In conclusion

The casino’s edge is relatively high for this game

There are many reasons as to why roulette is so notoriously popular game. It shouldn’t come as a surprise if you feel drawn to this game. However, the casino’s edge is relatively high for this game. This is especially the case for the double-zero American version of roulette. So, if you don’t like your odds, you can always select another game. But if you feel drawn to the world of roulette – give the game a try. Read more about different casino games in our guide.

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