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If you’ve ever played at an online casino, chances are you have come across Trustly. A popular e-wallet often used in Pay N Play casinos, Trustly allows smooth payments made straight from your bank account. Unlike e-wallets, it isn’t funded by credit or debit cards. That’s a big advantage for many players and a big reason why players love Trustly so much. Here we will list the best Trustly Casino sites that are available in 2021. Pick one that suits you or read our updated guide on how to play with Trustly casinos in 2021 below.

One of the leading digital payment methods in casinos, Trustly is a name many players have heard about. You can use it at a variety of online merchants, but it is most popular at casino sites. The number of casinos that use Trustly 2021 has tripled in recent times thanks to the advantages it holds over other payments.

Since making bank deposits and withdrawals is slow and not that convenient, using Trustly in online casinos is a much better choice. The service is very easy and 100% safe to use. Most importantly of all, it doesn’t charge any fees, so you can make transactions without worrying about extra charges.

Check out our table of the best casinos that use Trustly in 2021 and make your pick to start playing your favorite games.

Millions of customers already.

History of Trustly

The Trustly Group is a fintech company launched in 2008. The goal of Trustly is to provide a convenient and fast payment method for businesses and individuals online. The service is provided through TransferWise and PayPal.

Very shortly after the creation of the company, the owners managed to sign contracts with internet retailers. This was followed by a period of rapid expansion and growth. The company moved to new markets and managed to raise the revenue quickly by around 200%. At the same time, online casinos realized the convenience of this payment method and started adding it to their list of payments.

In 2014 the company signed a strategic partnership with PayPal and Groupon. At this point in time, Trustly reached a mark of over 10 million transactions. At the current point in time, the company is valued at about 700 million euros.

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Is Trustly safe to use?

Yes, of course, it is. Many people are very concerned when it comes to using online payment methods and rightfully so. The concern for hackers and hacking is always there. And what if the payment method operators are shady? What if you’re falling into a trap? Bank-level security was only possible via bank transfer so far. Thanks to Trustly, though, things have changed. You can now use the convenience of online payments paired with bank-level security – just what most casino fans have been asking for.

The truth of the matter is that Trustly is one of the safest payment platforms on the internet. You will never find a bad word written online regarding the payment method’s safety and security. The company itself is supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. This makes it a very legit payment platform – one that is very safe to use.

Where Can I Use It?

One of the downsides of this excellent payment method is that it’s only supported in 29 European countries. While Neteller and Skrill are available around the globe, Trustly is lagging far behind in this regard.

Of course, the company is pushing to move into new markets, and new casinos in 2021, but that takes time. Still, the payment method is used by millions of people around the world. It is especially popular in North-Eastern Europe as well as Italy, Poland, and Spain.

If you’re from these countries and your bank supports the payment method, you can use it with ease at the best Trustly casinos of 2021.

Trustly Casino 2021 Deposits

Making deposits with Trustly is a breeze. Since it uses your bank account details (no data shared online), it will take money straight out of your bank account to complete deposits. You don’t need to fund it via credit/debit cards which makes things much easier for players.

To use it, login to your casino account and head to the Cashier page. Select Trustly from the list of payments and enter the desired amount. Confirm the transaction via SMS and that’s it. Your money will be available instantly.

Trustly Casino 2021 Withdrawals

There are some benefits to the fact that Trustly is only focused on the European market. One of them is the fact that the transactions that are made between two accounts in the Eurozone are instant.

So, if you live anywhere in the Eurozone, you can send payments anywhere else in the Eurozone. And this will be an instant process. Likewise, if someone sends you an approved payment through Trustly, you can withdraw the money instantly.

Using Trustly

It’s not that difficult to use this payment platform. In fact, the entire design of this platform is made with simplicity in mind. If you have basic knowledge of using computers, then you will need only a few minutes to learn what Trustly is about.

The best thing about this is that the recipient of the money doesn’t have to have a Trustly account. You can use their email in order to send them the money regardless if they have registered a Trustly account. And then they will receive a message on their email telling them that they have money on Trustly. Then they will have the option to create a Trustly account and withdraw the money.

Are There Any Fees?

If you use this platform, you will need to pay some fees per transaction. These will vary depending on the size of the transaction that you have made. Luckily, there are no hidden fees that will show up later.

At least not on Trustly’s side. Your bank or casino may still charge fees for using the payment platform. But the platform itself has nothing to do with this. It’s best that you do a bit of research on your bank’s fees before proceeding to play at the best Trustly casinos of 2021.

Privacy and Security

Trustly cares deeply about the privacy of its customers. However, there have been some reports of the company getting access to confidential information. You need to be extra careful when giving confidential information. But the fact still remains that this platform is supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

This is a government agency that supervises the work of financial organizations, Trustly included. Thanks to this certificate, it’s a payment method you can trust. Of course, we strongly suggest going through the terms and conditions before using it in Trustly casinos 2021.

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In conclusion

Trustly is one of the most widely used payment methods in Europe. Not at least when it comes to claiming bonuses at casinos. The fact that it’s focused on the European market means that you can benefit from instant payments if you live there.

The safety and security of your information and money are guaranteed by the supervision of the SFSA. In most cases, you shouldn’t have any issues using it online. If you need any help, Trustly’s customer support team will be more than happy to help.

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