instaDebit – A payment solution for online casinos around the world!

There are many electronic wallets that you can use for making payments in casinos. They differ in various different ways form one another. And it follows from this that some will be more appropriate for use than others. To that end, today we will talk about instaDebit. This is an electronic wallet supported around the world in many new casino sites – that you can find here. You will get to read a lot of useful information about this payment platform below.

All the processing will be done immediately on behalf of instaDebits service

Depositing with instaDebit

You will first need to find a casino that supports the use of instaDebit. As we’ve mentioned before, you won’t find this a hard task to go through. After you find the appropriate casino, you will need to sign into your account.

Locate the deposit page on the website and select instaDebit as your payment method. Then you will be able to select how much money you’re willing to deposit. And then just finalize the process.

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Benefits of using instaDebit

The first benefit of using instaDebit comes in how easy it is to create an account on this platform. You will breeze through the entire process in a matter of a few minutes. And there is no need to verify any information. You will just need to provide valid bank account details and you’re good to go.

The biggest benefit here is that this will ensure your safety. Online casinos won’t ever get a hold of your financial data if you use instaDebit. It will remain safe in your possession.

But if you wish to withdraw money with this payment provider, then you will need to go through a verification process. Again, this process is very simple, too. instaDebit will perform a microtransaction with your bank account to check if its real. And after this, you will be able to use this electronic wallet for withdrawing money to your bank account. All the processing will be done immediately on behalf of instaDebits service. However, you may need to wait a few days to get the money on your bank account. And there’s always a fee of $1.5 that you’ll have to pay. This is regardless of the sum of money you’re willing to withdraw.

Drawbacks of using instaDebit

There are many benefits when it comes to the use of instaDebit. However, there is one potential major disadvantage. And this disadvantage rears its head if you don’t live in the countries where real-time deposits are supported. In that case, you will need to wait a few days for the deposits to be completed.

Most players are used to instant deposits and this waiting period can be a bit of a stretch.


In conclusion

We at recommend the use of instaDebit if you have the chance for it. It’s almost a flawless electronic method. It offers safety and efficiency and is supported by many different online casinos.