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Few other new online casinos are as bright and cheerful as FluffySpins is. Players are immediately greeted with fluffy pink clouds and beautiful blue water. The glowing sun in the background adds to the relaxing feel the casino promotes.

While FluffySpins is not for table game players, it is paradise for slots players. This is what the casino focuses on offering almost exclusively. As a result, players have hundreds of top quality slots to choose from. For a break from the slots, they can try their luck at one of the casino’s Bingo games.

FluffySpins – The Game Choices

The newest and hottest slots are always available for play at this casino. They even have their own section so players don’t have to search through everything. At times, some of those hot slots have included Agent Jane Blond Returns, Crystal Lotus and Age of Discovery. In addition to these hot titles, players can choose from jackpot slots such as Kitty Payout, Legend of the 5 Ninjas and Temple of Ausar. Alternate gaming options include free, jackpot and VIP versions of Bingo. Players must be logged into their casino account to access any of its games.


To make Fluffy Spins as interactive as possible, players can unlock the casino’s many trophies. As they progress through the collection of games they can keep spinning the Mega Reel they spun when they first joined. The more trophies they collect the better the prizes they will win. For many players, this is all the motivation they need to keep returning to the casino.

fluffyspins casino review

Payment Options and similar features

To fund their casino account, players must choose one of the payment options the casino offers. They are much more limited than the options at many other online casinos. Fluffy Spins accepts deposits through all major credit and debit cards. However, players can alternately choose to use PayPal or a Paysafecard. Their only other option is mobile play. For players on-the-go this allows them to make deposits to their casino account that get charged to their monthly mobile phone bill. Players can use a combination of as many as three of the accepted payment options to fund their casino account with.

About the offers at FluffySpins

Welcoming new players to FluffySpins isn’t a one-time occurrence. The initial bonus gives players a chance to spin the Mega Reel. Depending on where it lands, they may receive free spins or even vouchers to worldwide online retailers. Beyond that, players can continue to enjoy bonuses for the first month they are registered with the casino. Every new player gets a small cashback bonus on real money bets placed.

However, getting additional bonuses is something players have to work at. They have one month to reach the casino’s VIP status. If they do, they will get an even larger cashback bonus on a daily basis.

Player Restrictions

While the casino wants players to enjoy its games, they want them to do so responsibly. Any player that feels his or her gambling is becoming a problem can have limits placed on their account. All they have to do is email the casino’s customer service for assistance.

Players can have their account restricted so that they can’t access it for 24 hours, one week or one month. The maximum amount of time players can ask to be restricted for in most cases is six weeks. However, players that are extremely unhealthy gamblers may choose to block themselves from their casino account for a period of six months.

Those that want to keep playing but limit their sessions can use the casino’s reality check feature. This shows players the amount of time they have invested in a specific game on that particular day. At any point, players can choose to end their gaming session and the casino will force them out of their account.

Final Thoughts on Fluffy Spins Casino

fluffyspins logoThere are other online casinos that are flashier than Fluffy Spins. However, few are as good at delivering an exciting gaming experience. Players feel welcomed from the first time they log onto the casino.

By maintaining an active account, players can work towards increasingly valuable prizes. Collecting the trophies makes the thrill of the games more exciting for many. This is the difference between FluffySpin and most other online casinos. While others may offer similar promotions, no one does it quite like this casino does.

The variety of slot machines offered covers various genres that interest players. For any mood a player may be in, there is a game that will match it. FluffySpins can even act as a mood booster for anyone who is feeling like they need a pick-me-up. The casino has a lot to offer in terms of keeping players entertained.

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