Animals considered lucky around the world

There are many cultures that worship various different things. It comes as no surprise that certain animals come to be worshipped, too. There are a number of different animals that are considered to bring luck to a person. Conversely – there are animals that are thought to bring bad luck, too. Black cats and ravens come immediately to mind. But below you will find a list of the top “luckiest” animals around the world.

you have heard of the rabbit foot amulet

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Rabbits are cute little creatures that live in the wilds. Many people decide to even keep them as pets. But did you know that many cultures throughout the world prize the rabbits as creatures that bring luck? They are, in many places, symbols of prosperity and fertility. Chances are that you have heard of the rabbit foot amulet. It too is considered to bring good luck to its bearer.


The path of the rise of the popularity of frogs as “creatures that bring luck” is pretty simple. Wherever many frogs come out – it means that it has rained or that it will rain. And rain is, in turn, associated with the growth of crops and abundance. So, frogs have inherently gotten lucky all of the sudden because of this. And this trend is present in many countries around the world.
lucky animals


Elephants are considered animals that bring luck in various countries. It’s logical that these are the countries where elephants actually live. It is said that elephants are so lucky that even small figure of elephants can help. It’s a known practice for people to put elephant figurines in their homes in order to invite lady luck in their lives.

Lucky Animals – Final Words

There are many animals that are considered to bring luck. Whether there is any truth to this – we’ll let you decide on your own.