A Basic Guide to Slot Symbols

Slot games are arguably the most popular form of gambling games. Millions of people play slots on a daily basis. Regardless if it’s land-based slots or online slots – they are still very popular games. That being said, some people are confused about the symbols of the slots. They fail to understand how to use them for making winning combinations. So, below you will find out some more information about the symbol of slot games. We hope that you will find it useful.

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Regular symbols

In any slot game, you will find that there are different symbols. The biggest in number are the regular symbols. These can be used to make winning combinations on the reels. They pay lines will dictate how you can go about in making these winning combinations. Depending on the theme of the game, these vary. They can be fruits, pictures of people, stars, card numbers, you name it. In any given slot game, the regular symbols have a different value. There will be slots that are of higher value and slots of lower value. If you can take the higher valued slots and make winning combinations with them – you will win more money.
regular symbols

Wild symbols

The wild symbol has exploded in popularity ever since it was originally introduced in slot games. Nowadays most slot games feature these. What it gives is an opportunity to make a winning combination. Its special power lies in the fact that it can take the place of any other symbol. This makes this symbol very powerful. It can help you make big winnings and win a lot of money. And this is the main reason as to why this symbol is so popular.
wild symbol

Scatter Symbols

The scatters are bonus symbols. They give you different bonuses (not ordinary casino bonuses, but slot bonuses). If you can hit a combination of scatters along the pay lines, then you will be given a reward. The reward can be a bonus game. Bonus games are fun in the sense that you have an opportunity to make a lot of money. And they are a welcome addition to the main game. But the scatters  can also give you a number of free spins. You can use the free spins (not ordinary free spins, but in-slot free spins) to make more money as well. So, the scatter symbols are a welcome addition to any slot game.
scatter symbol

Bonus features

The best slot games will have a unique bonus feature as well. This feature can come in all sorts of different ways. It could be an avalanche. This means that new symbols will take the place of winning symbols on the same turn. Or it could be a sticky wild feature. The wilds will stick for one or more turns helping you win more money. The bonus features are very exciting and people enjoy getting to use them on the slots.

In conclusion

It’s not that difficult to understand what the slot game symbols are all about. We hope that this article has helped you learn more about them. What remains for you to do is use your new-found knowledge on the slots!

Nicholas Cross