Social Games Predictions

Over the last several years, social casinos (such as live casinos, playing with friends etcetera) have begun to soar in popularity. Already worth billions of dollars, social casinos aren’t likely to drop off in popularity anytime soon. A small percentage of the entire industry’s revenues come from social casinos, but that is expected to change in the future.

Why are social gambling so popular?

Part of what has made these casinos so popular is skill-based games as opposed to luck-based games. As a result, the demographics are growing and changing for social casinos. Though in the past they have primarily been aimed at women, the near future will see these casinos expanding their offering to attract new demographics of players. One reason that these casinos are becoming the norm is due to their live dealer games.
social games predictions
A growing number of online gamblers are becoming wary of automated table games and instead prefer games where they can see and even interact with the dealer. This is most often seen in games of Poker, but the industry has expanded to include Blackjack, Roulette and Craps as well.

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Playing with friends

Another reason for the rise in popularity is the number of mobile casinos available today. Though some mobile casinos have already started, it is likely that more will offer their registered players the opportunity to compete against their friends on social media networks. Thanks to the popularity of mobile casinos as a social experience for online gamblers, it is likely that by the end of 2018 the mobile casino industry will have a very big net worth.

VR and AR games on the rise

The rise of social and mobile casinos can also be attributed to the concept of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR. In the future, a growing number of casino games are expected to use this technology to give players a more interactive experience than ever before. Many slots based on pop culture are expected to include augmented reality in the near future. This includes popular pop culture giants such as Harry Potter and The Walking Dead.

Sportsbooks are in it as well

Social gaming is also expanding to involve sportsbooks and e-sports. Though football has long been the most popular sportsbook activity, horse racing is predicted to make a comeback in 2018. Online sportsbooks are already making efforts to make their platform more social and provide bettors chances to interact with each other. They are even introducing voice technology bettors can use to change the way in which they wager money on their favored players.

Lastly, it is predicted that for video games such as Grand Theft Auto will begin to include poker and other casino games that players can bet real money on. This is expected to increase the rate at which online gamblers put their money on the line for a chance to win big.

Some final words on social games

The social casino industry has been growing rapidly and will continue to do so for the duration of 2018 and beyond. It is still relatively new compared to standard online casinos, but it is expected to go through even more transformations. The future of social casinos looks to be bright. Read more news articles from us here.

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