Progressive Jackpots – Playing to Win Big!

The most important reason as to why people gamble is because there is the potential to win money. And this is not peanuts that we’re talking about here. We’re talking about potentially life-changing sums of money. If this is your goal with gambling – then we have a suggestion for you. You ought to go and play some of the jackpot games online, maybe at one of all the new casino sites we are listing here. And you’re in luck, as there is a big number of them online. You can read and learn more about these games by reading this article.

There are loads of slot games that offer progressive jackpots

The progressive jackpots

There are regular jackpot games that can bring you some nice sums of money. These are not to be underestimated. But if you truly wish to win the life-changing sum of money that we’ve talked about – check the progressives. There are loads of slot games that offer progressive jackpots. And you can take a look at the statistics. Progressive slots like Mega Moolah are known to have paid out huge sums of money. In fact, Mega Moolah holds the record for the highest payout in history – a whopping sum of €17,880,900. Another big jackpot win can you read about here. This should water the mouth of any and every hardcore gambler.

The beauty about the progressives is in the way their size increases. The more people play without winning – the bigger the progressive jackpot gets. But what do you need to do in order to win a progressive jackpot?

online casino progressive jackpots


Winning a progressive jackpot

You have to be aware of the bright side and the not-so-bright side of the progressive jackpots. The bright side is, as we’ve mentioned before, that you can win a huge sum of money. The not-so-bright side is that it’s not easy to win a progressive jackpot. In fact, the odds are incredibly small for this to happen. A progressive jackpot is typically reached by only a handful of people, for each game. It’s not something that you can look forward to happening.

That being said – if you don’t play, then you won’t win. At least if you play you will have some chances to win. But certain progressive jackpot slots will require a few things from you if you’re to be eligible to win. Some slot games will require that you put in the highest possible bet. Only then can you win the progressive jackpot. Some other slots won’t have this condition for you. But the odds of you winning the progressive jackpot will be significantly lower if you play with smaller bets. And so on and so forth.

NetEnts progressive jackpot games

Of course, the team at NetEnt is very happy when jackpots are won on their games since they get great publicity. Even though Mega Fortune has been around now for a couple of years, players still seem to love it. The game developer has released newer progressive jackpot games since MegaFortune was released. Mega Fortune Dreams was sort of an add-on game with a little bit newer graphics and style. However, we prefer the old classic. Another one of the progressive games is Divine Fortune which is a stunning piece of a slot game. Graphics and music are excellent and at we really prefer this game over Mega Fortune. However, it is fun to see that this old-timer is still going strong.

If you want to try either MegaFortune or Divine Fortune, then go to a NetEnt Casino. We have put together some of our favourites for you to check out. Good luck and play it safe!

Mega Fortune Jackpot Win of €3,773,845.27

You have probably heard about the slot game Mega Fortune by NetEnt, right? This slot is one of the most popular in the world since it has been one of the slots with a massive progressive jackpot win. It has already lead many lucky players to win enormous amounts and now in the month of May 2018, it was time again.

Recently, it was a Swedish player that won a staggering amount of 3.7 million Euros on the Mega Fortune slot. The player was rolling some slot games over at the casino LeoVegas and put a stake of €4.80 in a spin before winning this progressive jackpot win. The total amount was €3,773,845.27 which of course is a ridiculous amount of money in a spin. With this jackpot, the game lives up to its reputation of being one of the most big-win giving slot games in history.

In conclusion

So, what we can say with certainty is that it sure isn’t easy to win a progressive jackpot. If you happen to get lucky and catch lightning in a bottle – then good for you. Most people simply won’t be able to do this. The odds are heavily stacked against the players. But someone has to win the progressive jackpot sooner or later. It’s the law of probability.
progressive jackpots
We sincerely hope that it will be you. And if you fail to win the progressive jackpot – don’t get discouraged. Many have tried and a vast majority of them have failed. It’s just the nature of the progressive jackpot slots.

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