Keno is a very popular gambling game that’s available at casinos all around the world. There are many reasons why this game is so popular. Regardless of that, you will see that there are many people that play this game. This article will share some information with you about this game. You will learn how to play Keno. You will also learn something about its history. So, without further ado, introduces to you the game of Keno!

the history of this game can be traced back to China


Believe it or not, the history of this game can be traced back to China. There are reports that say that this game was invented as a way to gather money for the state. It’s also said that the money was used for the purpose of financing the construction of the Great Wall.

After this initial phase, gambling was prohibited in China all the way to the nineteenth century. When it was reintroduced, the Chinese thought of an ingenious way to involve all people to play. Carrier pigeons were used to share information about winning numbers in this casino game to the faraway villages. This fact gave birth to the name of “báigē piào” which, when translated, means “white dove ticket”. The pronunciation of this term is “baak-gap-piu”. Hence the old name of the game “Pakapoo”.

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Chinese immigrants eventually introduced the game of Pakapoo in the west. The money that was collected as a result of playing this game was used for capital investments. Namely, it’s said that the first trans-continental railway was constructed with the money made by this game. In 1866 this game was very popular in the United States. It was played especially in Huston, Texas. It was then known by the name of “Keno”. The term “Keno” originates from French or Latin and it means “5 winning numbers”.

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Playing the game of Keno

Nothing could be simpler than learning how to play the game of Keno. The rules are extremely simple. All you need to do is select a string of numbers from 0 to 90. And then you need to witness the calling out of random numbers. The more numbers you hit, the bigger your payout will be. And that’s pretty much it about Keno.

The fact of the matter is that this is a luck-based game. If you want to use skills in winning at Keno, you should know that this is simply not possible. This makes this game very simple and easy to pick up and play. Practically anyone could learn how to play it in a matter of minutes.

There are some variations that you need to be aware of, though. These variations mostly concern the payout rates. There are versions in which you could get the grand prize if you hit 20 numbers out of 20. But is this really a probable event? Doubtful. In fact, the mathematically calculated odds of you winning 20/20 numbers at Kino are at around 1:3.5 quintillion! This makes winning the game with 20 numbers next to impossible.

But you are still able to get nice prizes. In fact, the grand prize sometimes is given for combinations of 17 or 18 winning numbers. Different casinos have different rules when it comes to this. No matter where you’re playing, we advise you to ask around about the rules. You will then know what to select when it comes to playing this game.

House edge

Practically all casino games have a house edge. It wouldn’t be very prudent of the casino if it was to allow you to have better odds. And such is the case with the game of Keno as well. But the fact of the matter is that the casino edge in this game varies. And the house edge typically varies anywhere from less than 4% all the way to 35%. This is very important information that you need to know before playing any casino game. For an example, you should never be willing to play any gambling game where the casino edge is over 35%. Below 5% for a casino edge is tolerable. This will give you sufficient odds for making a win.

But the fact of the matter is that there are many other games with lower casino edge. Baccarat and Blackjack spring to mind immediately. If you can learn to implement strategy in the latter of the two, you can decrease the house edge all the way to 0.5%. But still, some of you will find the game of Keno very fun. Some of you will want to do a hard gamble and risk everything. In such a case, the game of Keno is the perfect choice for you.

Keno strategies to win

As we’ve mentioned before, there is no way in which you can influence the calling out of numbers. This makes the game of Keno a luck-based game. Unless you’re cheating. But in such a case you need to be very careful as cheating in gambling games is considered a felony in many jurisdictions.

But still, this doesn’t mean that you’re helpless. Pure logic should tell you that you can’t expect to hit 20/20 numbers with ease. Nor should you expect to hit 0/20 numbers. But if you can bet on anywhere from 4-8 numbers, then you’ll have the greatest odds of winning. Sure, the rewards for this win may be smaller. But this is infinitely better than hoping to hit 20/20 with the 1 to 3.5 quintillion odds.

In conclusion

The game of Keno can be exceptionally fun to play. We think that you will like it no matter who you are. By now you should have a firm grasp of the basic rules of the game. And, realizing that it’s a luck-based game, we hope that you will gamble responsibly. There are many reasons as to why Keno has gotten so popular ever since it was invented. Now it’s your turn to find out more about them. Be sure to try this game out and see what you think.

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