Biggest gambling superstitions in the world!

People are inherently superstitious. We believe in the existence of things that simply aren’t there. To that end, there is a special category of people that are very superstitious. We’re talking of course, about gamblers. Gamblers are inherently very superstitious. They believe that they can influence their luck by doing certain things. To that end, there are many superstitions about gambling all around the world and Casino Bonus thought it was about time to tell you about them.

This is the origin of the phrase “I’m on a roll!”

Walking through the side-doors in casinos.

Many people think that if they walk through the side doors in casinos, they will be luckier. It’s said that this belief originates from the old days of MGM Grand casino.

This casino had a very weird shape of the main door. In order to enter the casino, the people had to walk into an open lion’s mouth. They began associating this with bad luck and so they started using the side-entries.

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Wearing red.

There are many cultures around the world that put a premium on the red colour. This holds especially true in the case of China. The people of this country associate the red colour with prosperity. So, you will see disproportionately many casino goers that are dressed in red clothes.

Leaving the table.

Many people think that luck is something that sticks around for a certain period of time. This is the origin of the phrase “I’m on a roll!”. So, they erroneously believe that if they leave the table where they play, they will lose their luck. So, they prolong their stay on the table for as long as possible.

Various lucky and unlucky numbers.

For example, we all know of the bad things associated with the number 13. Also, there are “many benefits to be had” by favouring the number 7. The exact origin of the popularity of these numbers is unknown – although there are many fun stories to listen on the subject.

Final thoughts of Gambling Superstitions

Those were some of the most popular gambling superstitions in the world. Chances are that you too know some superstitions that aren’t on this list. This goes to show how superstitious the gamblers really are.

Nicholas Cross