6 Fun Casino Facts Not Everyone Knows

There are many fun and interesting facts about casinos that not everyone knows.  Whether one gambles online or offline, facts about casinos are always fun to learn.

Fun fact #1 – Self-banning offline & online

For example, one fact that not everyone knows is that both online casinos and offline casinos will allow players to ban themselves. While almost everyone knows that casinos will ban gamblers that cheat the system, not many know that they have the power to inflict a banning upon themselves. In a few of America’s states, gamblers can ban themselves for as little as one year or as long as the rest of their lives. However, gamblers need to be aware that if they ban themselves for life, they can’t reverse the decision later.
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Fun fact #2 – Tourists of Monaco

Another casino fact not everyone realizes is while Monaco is a gambling city, only tourists can take advantage of that. The reason for this is that during the 1800s citizens of Monte Carlo were banned from gambling at Monaco’s casinos. At the time, Princess Caroline insisted that only foreigners be permitted to gamble at Monte Carlo. However, in exchange, residents of Monaco avoid having to pay taxes on their income; instead, the revenue from casinos is used for that purpose.

Fun fact #3 – Prison gamblers

While everyone knows that Las Vegas has long been named the gambling capital of the world, what many people do not know is that Nevada’s state prison allowed its inmates to play at its in-house casino. This went on from 1932 until 1967, when a prison warden had it closed citing that it only further degraded prisoners.

Fun fact #4 – Craps, or Crabs?

Those who play Craps may not realize how the game got its name. The theory that historians have developed is that Hazard, a dice game played by British gamblers referred to rolling snake eyes as crabs. When French settlers later played the game the combination of both English and French words resulted in crabs being referred to as craps. It is now the game players are familiar with today.

Fun fact #5 – Smallest casino

As popular as gambling is in the United States it is just as, if not even more, popular in the UK. In fact, the smallest casino in the world is located in London, but not in a building. It has the distinction of being the only casino to be located in the backseat of a cab. It’s called the Grovesnor Casino and boasts a bar, a dealer led table game and even a TV where passengers can place bets on sports games. The cab this mobile casino is located in takes passengers to the brick-and-mortar Grovesnor Casino free of charge. If they want to take the cab to any other location, they can do so if they donate money to a charity in exchange.

Fun fact #6 – Japanese Pachikno

Japanese gamblers have to jump through hoops to get their fix, as casinos are outlawed in the country. The way gamblers get around this is by playing Pachinko Parlors, which are legal. Pachikno machines are similar to slot machines but pay out silver balls as opposed to money. Gamblers then take those silver balls and redeem them for alcohol or exchange them for a voucher they can use to get cash.

These are just a few of the fun and interesting facts about casinos that not everyone knows. Such information is fascinating to those who enjoy gambling as a hobby. If you want more news, articles and content like this, check out our news guide page here. Perhaps this article on fun gambling gifts is interesting?

Nicholas Cross