There are many “fad trends” in the industry that come and go every now and then. Well, it seems that the eSports are here to say. For those of you that don’t know – eSport are competitions that are held between players of various videogames. Ten years ago, nobody would even think that this form of competition would become so popular. But here we are in a year when the popularity of eSports gets an unprecedented rise.

There are many different highly popular games that people enjoy watching when it comes to eSports. There are games like DotA 2, StarCraft 2, Counter-Strike GO, League of Legends, and many others. If you’re a gamer yourself, then chances are that you have your own favourite pick when it comes to eSport games.

It can be very difficult to beat human intelligence

The beauty of watching eSports

Videogames are very popular. They started out as popular outlets for some of the younger audiences. However, nowadays games are played by young and old alike. There are gamers from the far sides of the world.

Many of the modern games are very intricate and complex. Back in the day, games were simpler. This is what the then-current state of technology allowed for. However, today it may take years for a gifted gamer to truly master a game. It’s one thing to compete against artificial intelligence (bots) – and it’s entirely another to compete against other humans. It can be very difficult to beat human intelligence.

And this is what makes eSports so fun and exciting. There are many gaming wizards, as we like to call them. It’s truly a beautiful thing to watch them play and get in the zone. They have a full focus on the game they play and their hands are all over the place. And this shows in their overall gameplay and skill while they’re doing it.

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The eSports industry

Esport became possible with the advent of broadband technology. And since then, the industry is on a constant rise. The global revenue of eSports for the year 2017 was $695 million. That being said, it’s highly likely that it will turn into a billion-dollar industry in the near future. We can only speculate about the quality of some of the games that will come out. And with time, chances are that the players’ overall skill levels will increase. So, we believe that the eSports industry is here to stay for a long time to come.

Playing eSports

Do you want to test the waters out? It’s always possible for you to go and find a more local eSport tournament. There are many eSports games that you can choose from. The skill levels of the players will be lower than for the mainstream eSports tournaments. But this will give you an opportunity to test your skills. Have fun!

Nicholas Cross