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There are dozens of top-level iGaming developers. They all compete to create some of the best slots and other online casino products. To that end, the players are the ones that get the biggest benefits out of this state of affairs. The reason for this is that the iGaming developers are into a business with fierce competition. They continually need to develop new technologies in order to stand out. Enter the world of Rival. This is one of the biggest companies in the field. Below you will get to learn more about how this company works and about their biggest products.

more than 50 of the world’s biggest online casinos feature Rival’s software

About Rival

Rival originally started out more than a decade ago – back in 2006. They introduced their platform on the Gaming Summit and Expo in the city of Montreal, Canada. The company was created in the country of Cyprus. Their platform and products were met with critical and commercial acclaim immediately once they hit the market. But this doesn’t mean that Rival didn’t invest a lot of time in their product. On the contrary. There is a tendency for people to think that greatness comes to people easily.

We often tend to neglect the years of toil and sweat poured by the people that achieve greatness. And this is exactly the case with the company Rival. Their vision, mission, and products were developed for a long time behind the curtains. And then they finally came out and took the world by storm.

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Rival’s games

First off, one of the most important things that set apart the Rival games is the HTML5 support. This means that you can play all of their games on mobile devices, on the go. All you need is access to the internet and you’re all set.
Moreover, and more importantly, their games exude a level of quality that’s hard to be found anywhere else. If you don’t believe us, then you’re welcome to try and play some of their games. Their games feature outstanding visuals and gameplay value. They are rich with many new and exciting features. This company has made more than 150 slots to date and the number steadily increases. The fact is that it’s impossible to find a bad game in their library. They dedicate themselves to only putting out great products.

Some of their games are Heroes’ Realm, Costume Party, Pistols & Roses, Rock On, Spy Game, and many others. There are also games that feature big jackpots, like Major Moolah, Money Magic, and Strike Gold, among others.

In conclusion

So, regardless if you’re a casual or a hardcore player – you should definitely check out the Rival games. The charm and the immense quality that the posses are unparalleled anywhere else in the industry. And it hardly comes as a surprise that more than 50 of the world’s biggest online casinos feature Rival’s software.

So, it won’t be difficult at all for you to find Rival software in many new casinos in the UK. We hope you will have a blast by playing some of the more popular Rival games.

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