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NextGen is one of the top names in the field of iGaming. This is a company that was created a long time ago. Since then, it has managed to create some of the most popular games in iGaming. So, in this article, you will come to learn some more information about NextGen. You will come to know what makes this company tick. You will also learn what kinds of games can you expect from this company. So, without further ado, we recommend you start reading the review.

Undoubtedly, this company will introduce many new features

About NextGen

As we have mentioned in the previous article, NextGen is an old company. It’s originally based in Australia. The main focus that NextGen puts on their games is about how the look and feel, and how they play. They have made a big number of games during their existence. Their number ranges in the hundreds. And they have made these games in partnership with land-based and online operators, as well as software providers.

NextGen Games

Undoubtedly, you will come to be interested in the NextGen games. Well, NextGen has made hundreds of games in different fields. However, what they specialize in are the slots. And there is no lack of reasons for this. The slots are shown to be one of the most popular kinds of games that people play in new casino sites today.

That being said, almost all of the NextGen games are of top quality. NextGen employs 50 people as staff members. They have graphics designers, analysts, software engineers, and many other categories of employees. These employees are all experts at what they do. This shows in the quality of the product that NextGen dishes out. A very convenient thing about NextGen’s game design is that it’s in the no-download format. This means that their games are made by using Adobe Flash.

They can be played in the browser itself. So, you won’t need to waste time and bandwidth in order to download and install NextGen games. And the best thing is that the flash games of this company feature beautiful graphics. They are on level with some of the other top-rated studios’ games in terms of graphics.

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NextGen bonuses

NextGen is a company that makes platform-independent products. They usually aren’t the primary software supplier of the online casinos. This means that they have relatively bigger freedom in the creation of these products. And one of the biggest benefits when it comes to this is the bonuses. Most online gambling games feature bonuses. However, these are usually tied to the platform where you can play these games.

But this is not the case with NextGen. Again – the fact that they are platform-independent means that they have freedom in giving bonuses to the players. And you will be able to find many different bonuses in their games. So, be prepared to have a lot of fun while using the bonuses in the NextGen games. They can be highly profitable as well.

NextGen games features

During the years, NextGen was responsible for the introduction of many new exciting features in the slots. Below you will be able to read some more about them.

The first unique feature of NextGen slots is the Slide a Wild feature. This gives the player the opportunity to maneuver the wilds. Also, the power of the wilds can be directly influenced by the player’s choice. The higher the number of wilds on the pay lines – the less powerful the symbol will be. And conversely – the lower the number of wilds – the more powerful the symbol.

The DYNAREEL feature is next in line. This feature means that the area between the symbols on the reels becomes active. It takes an active part in how the game plays out. This can bring you some big wins and nice bonuses. It’s rare to find this in online slots.

The Up Wild feature is also fun and useful. It means that the wild symbols will travel up through the pay reels. During their road upwards, they will leave even more wilds. And this will increase your odds as a player of making a big win.

The Select-a-Play feature is also fun. It gives the player the option to make an important choice. He or she can choose if there will be a higher multiplier but a lower number of free spins. This is the first choice. The second choice is the opposite. You can select if you would prefer to have a lower multiplier but a higher number of free spins. Both of these options are valid and have game-changing effects. The choice depends on your personal needs and preferences.

Finally, there’s the Super Bet feature. This is very much like a side-bet. You can place this bet in some games if you wish to get additional prizes. The prizes that you can get in this way range from free spins to higher multipliers.

Those were some of the features that the NextGen games have. Undoubtedly, this company will introduce many new features in their newer games.

NextGen and fairness

A peculiar choice that NextGen has made regards the Return to Player rates. The owners of this company have decided not to announce this information to the public. This is slightly weird due to the fact that most operators and software developers publicly announce the RTP rates. However, some casinos that feature NextGen software do share the RTP information with the players.
That being said, we can’t really say that NextGen games are shady. They are all tested by some of the biggest and most trustworthy, independent testing agencies. They have various certificates that prove the fairness of their software beyond the shadow of a doubt.

In conclusion

NextGen consistently creates some of the biggest headlines in the field of iGaming. And we have mentioned some of the reasons why this is the case.

Now it’s your turn to try their games out. Visit an online casino where their games are featured and try them out. You’re guaranteed to have a world of fun.

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