Betable Casinos – A new way to pay for UK online casino players!

For online gamblers that are serious about playing with real money, Betable Wallet is fast becoming a popular payment option to use. One of the reasons that it has caught on so quickly is that safety is a top priority. Players can use it in conjunction with PayPal, Visa and MasterCard without having to have multiple accounts in order to do so. This makes the whole deposit and withdrawal process more efficient.

Another reason that players love using this service is that they will assign to one universal login that will work for any new online casino site they join. This also applies to mobile casino apps, giving players even more choices in entertainment.

Players never have to worry that their identity will be stolen

Betable – created for online gamblers

betable wallet payment online casinoBetable was created with real money online gamblers in mind. Many of the top casinos encourage their players to use this service. In an effort to become as valuable in the online gambling industry Betables service joined forces with World Pay. It is this collaboration that allows players to use the service with Visa, MasterCard and other trusted companies.

Aside from being created for players, it was also created for developers to build into their games. As a result, they can use legal means of allowing players to bet real money.

The service is always safe to use as player verification is an important part of the system. Players never have to worry that their identity will be stolen when they use the service. That alone gives many players more than enough confidence in it to make it the only payment method they use and trust.

Online casinos using Betable Wallet today

There is no larger platform for payments in the online gaming industry. Developers that use it automatically have access to the entire industry, worth $32 billion. This gives them a global reach that has made them one of the top payment options. One of the many online casinos that use Betable Wallet is Temple Slots. Players will find high quality, exciting slot machine games that include popular titles such as Starburst and Jumanji. They can also choose from a wide variety of other games such as video poker, blackjack and roulette, as well as many live dealer casino games. Each of these games can safely be played for real money by using Betable.

It also applies to the many mobile games players can access simply by downloading the app. Regardless of whether they play on their computer or a mobile device, either way, Betable makes it easy for them to complete their deposits and withdrawals.

Betable Casinos

Since the launch of Betable in 2018, a couple of casinos has launched so far. Prospect Hall was, and still is, the primary Betable casino site. However, we have recently seen a large number of new brands hitting the market. Below you can easily find all of them. One of the greatest perks playing at Betable Casinos is the easiness making deposits and withdrawals and transfer your money between different online casinos offering Betable as a payment option.

We are suspecting that more and more brands will use this convenient solution ahead and that many UK casino players will appreciate it. We will keep you up-to-date on this.

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Final Words

betable walletSince it is trusted by so many online casinos, players can be sure that when they use Betable they will always be able to enjoy their favourite games safely. The convenience and ease of which the service can be used is nothing short of extraordinary. Players that register for an account with Betable will find that their deposits and withdrawals have never been easier to make.

The service continues to provide players with a way to gamble online. Without putting their personal and financial information at risk of being compromised.

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