LuckyAffs Affiliate Program – Promote Ridika & Slots Zoo!

One of the best parts of an online casino is the affiliate programs. These programs benefit everyone financially, making them universally appealing. This includes LuckyAffs affiliates.

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What to know about this affiliation program

Joining LuckyAffs can be extremely beneficial. Online casino operators can enjoy several benefits when they do. Any casino represented by LuckyAffs will be well equipped to offer mobile-friendly games. The affiliate requires those it works with to allow mobile play.

Another benefit is that casino operators can use the service to monitor the success of their marketing campaigns, email newsletters, blogs, etc. LuckyAffs provides them with the support they can use to make any necessary changes or updates to their promotional materials. They can even help affiliate members come up with a social media or marketing campaign from scratch.

It always pays to become an affiliate of this affiliation program. The revenue share program has been a rousing success. In fact, those affiliates that perform the best get commission of as much as 50.

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Casino owners that refer their peers to LuckyAffs also benefit from doing so. Every time a current member refers a new one, they get 5% of the profits the new member earns. In doing so, this affiliate program is able to continue growing and thriving.

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Everyone who joins this program is assigned a personal affiliate manager. Members also have access to teams of talented translators and designers. As a result, new casino operators can easily cater to players all over the world. Also at their disposal are tools used to analyze marketing data. When they take advantage of these tools they can easily make the appropriate changes to their casino(s.)

The LuckyAffs brands

Some of the world’s most successful online casino operators work with LuckyAffs affiliates. It represents brands such as Slots Zoo, Gale & Martin and Ridika. All three of these online casinos have endeared themselves to their players. With the highest quality games, marketing these casinos is an easy task.

Since 2017 LuckyAffs has been providing quality affiliate services. It has a great success rate with each of its members. Many of them sing the praises of LuckyAff and what it has done for their success.

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