Genesys Affiliates and its merits in the World of Casino Marketing

The new casino sites put in a lot of money into marketing. And with good reason. Online marketing is the main reason as to why so many people are getting hooked on online gambling. Which is to say that the marketing efforts of the casinos are directly related to their profits. And one of the most important, most effective marketing tools that casinos use is affiliate program marketing. The nature of this marketing method is to enlist the service of other marketers and pay them for it. It really is as simple as that and it’s even more so effective. So, now you will get to learn more about the Genesys Affiliates program.

Some of their brands are Treasure Mile Casino, Wizbet Casino, and Grand Eagle Casino

The nature of the Genesys Affiliates program

This is the main program that does the brunt of the work for the Genesys Group casinos. Some of their brands are Treasure Mile Casino, Wizbet Casino, and Grand Eagle Casino. So, the players that have played in these casinos already know what they are about. They offer a fantastic collection of games made by some of the best developers on the market. Then there’s the license of Genesys Affiliates making everything legit.

This program is licensed and governed under the laws of Curacao and the Curacao Gambling Commission.

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Details of the commission

The first plan that the affiliates could use in order to get paid is the monthly net revenue share plan. What this means is that the affiliates will get paid based on the net income that their leads have generated for the casino. The way to track the progress of this is by installing tracking links on the websites. Then the customers that begin using the casino’s services will get tagged. And in the end, the affiliate will get paid out based on the net revenue share plan.

A great thing to have in mind as the affiliate is that there are multiple tiers to this program. The more customers a particular affiliate brings – the higher the payout percentages will be. This is not a novel addition – many of the top rated affiliate programs feature this. But then again – there are many affiliate programs that don’t feature this option.

The lack of any negative carryovers is also a good thing when it comes to this affiliate program. But the bad things is that the earnings will be bundled. Also, if you’re an affiliate then you can benefit from the use of the CPA and hybrid commission plans. But your application will need to be reviewed by a casino representative first.

Genesys Affiliates – In conclusion

So, that’s all there is to the Genesys Affiliates program, basically. The Genesys Affiliates will definitely be of service to the casinos and the affiliates. Regardless in which category you are, you need to give the program its due respect. The fact that it’s used by top-rated casinos serves to only cement its reputation as a premier affiliate program.

We at Casino Bonus hope that you too will benefit from its use one day, as will many other casinos and casino affiliates.

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